You’re asking for what?

It always amazes me the types of questions people ask to the general public. I understand that when you are not sure of something, asking for input from others is the best way to find out information however, what I do not understand is asking for information that you can easily find out on your own! Why do people not take chances? Have we really become that lazy of a society that in place of doing something on our own, we prefer to ask complete strangers what we should do?

I belong to a number of Disney related pages on Facebook. These are great resources for garnering information for upcoming trips as well as a place to talk about all things Disney with people who understand my obsession. What kills me though is seeing someone post, “We are in MK, what is the best qs to eat at?” (MK= Magic Kingdom, qs = quick service). Why not just go to the nearest qs that you haven’t eaten at before? Or why not look at your options before going? I know, I know…sounds petty but it makes me crazy!

I see this happening everywhere but mostly on Facebook as more and more people think it is socially acceptable to share every moment of their lives with their hundreds of friends and followers: Where should we go for dinner?; What movie should we watch?; It’s supposed to storm, will we have school? (no one can answer that question but the superintendent!); Going to a dance/party/club, what should I wear? (hopefully you chose clothes and preferably something that covered your privates!). It’s slightly maddening! What has happened to making decisions on one’s own? Looking back to the pre-Internet era, I’m sure this might have happened in another realm (maybe while talking on the telephone that was connected to the kitchen wall) but not in the manner that it does today.

So, what’s my point? Help yourselves out! Answer your own questions, make your own decisions based upon what is morally right and will make you happy, and seek out only goodness in life. Then, share your happiness with all your friends and followers and not your indecisiveness (especially since this is not a very like-able quality). Maybe if we all start doing this, we’ll start seeing less of the mundane posts and I will not have to read what type of toilet paper is best for dry hineys!


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