3 years?

It’s hard to believe that in 28.5 hours, my husband and I will be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary. No – it’s not hard to believe because we haven’t killed each other (yet!) but because it seems like it has been so many more years than just a measly three!

Chris and I met in the summer of 2010 while putting together patio furniture for a friend. Looking back, I knew then that I was going to marry that “really cute guy” and he’s admitted that it was on that day that there was a great deal of lust going on for him. Lust? Really? Ha! Ha! We met up a few more times at our friend’s home and finally at Halloween, while carving our awesome Philadelphia Phillies pumpkins, did we really start to talk to one another.

Flash forward a few months and our talking turned to hanging out, with Chris asking me to accompany him to Home Depot to pick out paint. We ventured from there to Burger King to grab some dinner…whereby he made me pay for my own (yea…I still married him). We still joke about “the lounge” being our first “date” and how silly that whole night was. We began having our own drink nights randomly, with this poor boy driving down to the valley to see me from the Poconos two to three times a week. Next thing you know, he’s accompanying me to Kayla’s dance competitions and finally kisses me after months of acting as if he is going to and not doing so!

We had a whirlwind romance, planned a wedding in three months that was absolutely beautiful, and carried on with life with our two girls. We have a rich blended family that is chaotic at times and peaceful at others. With all of the wrenches that have been thrown at us, I sometimes wonder if we had not come together, would we have made it through the bad times that have hit us these last three years. I’m pretty sure we would not have but with one another, we have made it through and all those wrenches have made us stronger.

So…what I love most about my hubby:

– he gets me…all of me. he knows my ups and downs, my moods, what to do to bring me out of a funk, how to put me into a funk, when to push and when to not do so…

– his laughter…I have some bizarre way of making him howl with laughter. I don’t find myself that funny but to him, I am.

– the toilet seat…Yes, he has the most annoying habit of leaving a toilet seat in the up position, even though he lives in a house full of women but you know what? One day he won’t be there to leave the seat up and I’ll miss being able to slam it down and yell, “toilet seat!”

– his snoring…Another one of those things where one day, I won’t be woken by that God-awful noise because he will no longer be on this earth with me…while I wear ear plugs to bed (and they do not block out everything!), I relish that noise as I know he’s still with me.

– his ability to make some bangin’-ass chicken sandwiches, remembering my favorite wine and hard liquor choices, knowing that I don’t need diamonds and other jewelry to know that he loves me.

– his willingness to sit through umpteen-hundred showings of “Frozen.”

– his willingness to accept the Disney freak inside me

– for loving me.

* Here’s to many more years of wedded bliss. I love you Christopher.


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